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Reflections of A Native Son

By John Shanley

Tough Night for Parents, Especially Natives, in DCCC Race…

Tuesday night’s election results suggest that when it comes to candidates for  the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) it was a bad night for parents as candidates, especially for native San Franciscans who have spent their whole lives in the city.

Incumbents with children — Meagan Levitan and Matt Tuchow — as well as former DCCC members Andy Clark and Dan Dunnigan all fell short in their efforts to stay on,  or return to, the panel.

Former Supervisorial Candidate Ron Dudum,  a Sunset family man, also failed to gain one of the west side’s twelve spots, despite the name recognition of having run for supervisor three times.

Levitan, Dunnigan, Clark and Dudum are all native San Franciscans raising children in San Francisco schools.  Tuchow moved to San Francisco several years ago and is raising children in the city.

Clark has spent over twenty years in the San Francisco District Attorneys Office, while Dunnigan, a UC Berkeley graduate, has spent almost a decade in San Francisco Fire Department.

Larry Yee,  David Wong,  Michael Chan,  and Jynary Mak are also DCCC candidates married with children, but failed to make the cut.

The question arises: Could it be that candidates with children, and native San Franciscans to boot, are at a disadvantage in the increasingly sectarian and gender politics of the DCCC?

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  • 1 marilyn panelli // Nov 1, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    For John Shanley – Weren’t you in my class @ Holy Name? Your parents w/b proud and I miss Quentin Kopp!!

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