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Advertising Specs and Guidelines

Standard Ad Size and Polite Rich Media Guidelines
Unit Name Dimensions (in pixels) File Size Limit:
File Size Limit:
Rich Media

Per Week

Per Month

Leaderboard 728x90 30K 30K $200 $750
Banner 468x60 20K 30K $100 $500
Rectangle/Square 300x250 or 336x280 30K 30K $75 $400
½ Page 300x600 30K 30K $75 $400
Skyscraper 160x600 30K 30K $75 $400
½ Banner 220x60 or 234x60 20K 30K $55 $300
Masthead 160x60 20K 30K
(cannot be animated)
$50 $250

General specs:

  • No animation may exceed 30 seconds (with some additional restrictions on certain products as stated below). Ads may permit re-initiation of animation through user interaction if clearly labeled
  • Limit of 3 animation loops and 5 frames.
  • All in page ads must have a 1 pixel border. Argonaut360 reserves the right to do add a border to non-compliant creative.
  • No more than three separate creatives/tags per ad placement allowed at one time
  • Creative changes: when creative served by sfgate this is permitted once per week. Exceptions to be approved by Argonaut360 sales departments.

Macromedia Flash:
Submission and Approval:
  • We only accept Rich Media provided we have a week to test the creative.
  • One week of lead time is needed for Rich Media creative changes.
  • The advertiser is required to provide Argponaut360 with an alternative form of creative should the Rich Media fail to perform as expected.

Rich Media specs:

  • 100k polite download permitted for any creative
  • Up to 3 - 50k supplemental downloads on mouseover or click
  • Sound only permitted when user clicks on ad. Ads with sound must provide a clearly labeled Stop control
  • Video ads limited to 15 FPS
  • High Impact Rich Media ads to be frequency capped
  • All ads which automatically expand/display outside of standard dimensions must contain a 'close' button.
  • Ads that expand/display outside of standard dimensions on mouse over must also contain a close button and must retract on mouseout.