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Old School – Leland Yee, Tong Chief! – Part 1

By John Steven Calder : Argonaut Political Writer
First published Friday November 4, 2011

The Tongs, private Chinese only business clubs, originated as Chinese Benevolent Associations on the west coast of the United States during the Gold Rush era.

Although believed to be offshoots of the infamous Triads, they were formed primarily as a means of protection from white racists who periodically raided “Chinatown” areas.

Our Foreign-Born State Senator Leland Y. Yee is a self -appointed “Tong Chief”.

Operating with a heavy hand, no moral compass and an abundant ego, Leland has made it his “Birth Right” to insure, in his position as the “San Francisco’s Chief Tong”, to undermine, attack and feed to the dogs any Chinese-AMERICAN politician that attempts to rise in power.

This concept, “revenge to those who challenge the Tong”, is named, “Tiandihui” pronounced, Hongmen, seems appropriate for the Good Senator, our Chinese-Born Hangman!

Old School Baby! Teach these US born Chinese how it’s been done for 7000 years!

Case in point: Eating the Young: The Sad Case of Ed Jew.

Ed Jew was born in San Francisco in 1960 and was a conservative, moderate, small business owner and fathers, running a flower shop in Chinatown. A naive, but well meaning, hard worker, he started getting involved in his neighborhood and community. Circumstance and luck brought him into politics. Who did he seek out as his mentor and sponsor?

Of course, being ‘Old School’, Ed sought the approval of Leland Yee.

In 1996, Ed was the volunteer liaison for his District 4 supervisor. Leland saw ‘potential and opportunity’ (the two tenants of political animal) and brought Ed under his wing.

This led to Ed Jew becoming a Supervisor in San Francisco.

Now you must understand, that in San Francisco, there are 6 “Tongs”. Commonly referred to as the “Six Companies” or the “Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association”. These Old-School Tongs, is where the money from China enters San Francisco. Period. Bottom Line.

Local politicians, to tap this money, do favors and make promises. The Tongs prefer ‘moderate, conservatives” that understand the ‘Old Ways”. But these guys are also, lazy. Hence the beginning of the dismembering of Ed Jew.

Leland got appointed to Sacramento as a state senator, Ed, a Supervisor in San Francisco. Ed, to his misfortune, was more accessible to the Six Companies than Leland. God Damn geography and laziness!

Favors in Chinatown are accompanied by ‘Red Envelope”. A kicker, a payoff, cash, but part of the old school “Tong/Triad” way, is to show ‘appreciation’ .

Ed took a Red envelope.


The Six Companies began to go to Ed for their local concerns, and showed their appreciation accordingly. He was here, Leland was 44 miles away.

Tongs are not a Democracy, they are a Monarchy. Pay tribute to the King (the Tong Chief).

He passes down.

The stable boy does not take tribute.

Ed fucked up.

Editors Note: Thanks to Leland Yee Ed Jew has served 5 years federal time and is now serving another (fuck you) one year of County time.

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