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Did Singletary's Cross Hex the 49ers?

I watched the other games from the stands so this was the first one I saw on TV, and as a committed secularist I noticed to my horror that Mike Singletary was wearing a cross draped on his muscular bosom.  As much as God made little daisy petals, that goddamn cross hexed the 49ers.

Isn’t an NFL head coach wearing a cross on TV on federally licensed channels a violation of the First Amendment or something? A violation of NFL rules about fair play – if one coach brazenly invokes God’s favor is that fair to other coaches who go buck-naked secular?

The 49ers were supposed to be a speedboat but Sunday there were a rowboat with a leak. Only Singletary’s flashing the cross can explain this disaster; God righteously evened the playing field.

At least the last losing coach, Mike Nolan, only wore ill-fitting suits at home. Singletary pushing the cross in the face of non-Christian fans might be appropriate for the coach of Southern Methodist University, but not a San Francisco team that is named after the 49ers of the fabulously irreligious Barbary Coast.

a 49er fan.

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  • 1 Eric // Oct 31, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Please tell me why this offends you so much? You have every right to choose your beliefs as do I and as does Singletary. I am sick of non christians trying to opress those who have strong felt beliefs by taking away their symbols. Now people like you are trying to take God out of everything; money, pledge, symbols etc. As if we all exist without him. And by the way, a god can be anything you worship. I know people whose god is money, sex, weed, alcohol, and even spending time trying to oppress those who believe in God could be a god. Get a clue.

  • 2 Danny // Nov 14, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Completely agree, Eric. I’m glad you won’t be offended when people start wearing necklaces saying “THERE IS NO GOD.”

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