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Marilyn Chambers & Warren Hinckle 1985

Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers
Warren Hinckle
Warren Hinckle

When Dianne Feinstein was mayor, she tried cleaning up the strip joints, particularly the Mitchell Brothers Theater which is located only three blocks from City Hall. In February 1985, the cops raided the theater and arrested porn movie star, Marilyn Chambers, in the middle of her nude act. Prior to becoming a porn movie star, Ms. Chambers had a brief career as a model and was featured as the wholesome looking mother on the boxes of Ivory Snow detergent.

Hinckle, a buddy of the Mitchell Brothers and an frequent critic of the mayor, wrote several columns of scathing ridicule about the arrest and the politician behind it. A few days later, Hinckle was arrested on a warrant for walking his basset hound, Bentley, without a leash.

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